Laboratory for the physics of transport phenomena

An outline


Dr Ana Smontara
Dr Jovica Ivkov
Dr Petar Popčević
Kristijan Velebit BSc
Prof. Dr Boran Leontić

Dr Jagoda Lukatela
Dr Željko Bihar
Dr Neven Barišić
Dr Ante Bilušić
Marija Sorić

Research topics:

Transport of charge and heat in new materials

complex metallic alloys and intermetallic compounds with a large unit cell, decagonal quasicrystals and approximants to dQCs

magnetic frustrated systems

layered structures - as are YBCO and BSCCO cuprates, and iron arsenic pnictides


Available are measurements of

thermoelectric power

electrical resistivity

thermal conductivity

  (all from 1.8 K to 300 K)

galvanomagnetic properties (77 K - 400 K and 1 T)

electric resistivity on high temperatures up to 1073 K

Under construction

equipment for the measurements of charge and heat transport in magnetic field up to 10 T

equipment for the measurements under the pressure up to 30 GPa

International collaboration and oportunities

The research is accomplished with an extensive collaboration with the other institutions leading in the scientific research. Collaboration implies deliberate sample production, computer calculation of the properties, measurements of the complementary physical properties and ...


are welcomed and are invited to realize their seminar and diploma works as well as PhD Thesis. The best may find an opportunity for the job at the Institute or abroad.

Larger size

Larger size

Kristijan Velebit, Petar Popčević and colaborator from the University of Split, Ante Bilušić, and 10 T magnet.

Institute of Physics
Zagreb, Croatia

C-MAC Days 2014
December 8 – 11, 2014
Zagreb, Croatia

C-MAC Days 2013
9th-12th December 2013
Ljubljna, Slovenia

Visit of the Nobel Prize Laureate Daniel Shechtman
18 -20 April, 2013

Open day
22 March 2013
Institute of Physics

C-MAC Days 2012
10th-13th December 2012
Kraków, Poland

2012 MRS Fall Meeting
November 25 - 30, 2012,
Boston, Massachusetts

Junior Travel Avwards

Collaborative Workshop
March 28-31, 2012
Zagreb, Croatia

Physics of Low-Dimensional Conductors: Problems & Perspectives
March 25-28, 2012
Zagreb, Croatia

With a contribution by
Ana Smontara


Institute of Physics, Zagreb, 2013.