Laboratory for the physics of transport phenomena

Workshop of the project
New electronic states driven by
frustration in layered materials

Monday, January 16, 2012, Institute of Physics, Zagreb

The workshop has gathered the participants of the project from Zagreb and abroad. The presentation and discussions were meant primarily to contribute to the ongoing activities within the UKF project, and push them to their final phase. The workshop consisted of the morning scientific part, in the form of short lectures and discussion, which have taken place in lecture room in the Mladen Paić wing, and the technical part in the afternoon, whic has taken place in the lab. The scientific part of the workshop is open to all interested audience.


Opening: Eduard Tutiš and Director Petar Pervan

Presentation and Discussions

Audience and Laszlo Forro (EPFL, Lausanne)

Petar Popčević and Jaćim Jaćimović (EPFL, Lausanne)

Band Structures and Ivo Batistić (PMF, Zagreb)

Coffe Break

Ivo Batistić, Laszlo Forro and Eduard Tutiš

Jagoda Lukatela, Ante Bilušić and Ana Smontara; Eduard Tutiš, Jagoda Lukatela and Igor Lukačević

Presentation and Discussions

Ante Bilušić (PMF, Split) and Neven Barišić (University of Minnesota)

Kristijan Velebit and Eduard Tutiš


New electronic states driven by
frustration in layered materials (F2E)

is UKF Project 1B # 65/10

This link leads to the official F2E pages →

Institute of Physics, Zagreb, 2012.