Laboratory for the physics of transport phenomena

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16th International Conference on Thin Films
Libertas Rixos Hotel Dubrovnik
13-16 October, 2014 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Marija Sorić will present a talk

Investigation of thermal stability of Al-Mo thin films
J. Ivkov, N. Radić, K. Salamon, M. Sorić

International School and Workshop on
Electronic Crystals ECRYS-2014

Cargèse, France, August 11-23 2014

Kristijan Velebit participated in the Workshp and presented an invited talk

Imprints of nanostructured and Mott phase in optical phonons and continua of 1T-TaS2
Velebit, Kristijan; Popčević, Petar; Batistić, Ivo; Berger, H.; Dressel, M.; Smontara, Ana; Barišić, Neven; Forró, László; Tutiš, Eduard.

Ana Smontara was invited at

European C-MAC EuroSchool “Intermetallic Compounds and Energy Applications”
University of Liverpool, June 16-20th 2014

to present the program of C-MAC Days2014.

International Conference
From Solid State To BioPhysics VII:
From Basic To Life Sciences
June 07 - 14, 2014, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Petar Popčević presented:

Evolution of electronic scattering on frustrated magnetic system under pressure (invited talk)
Popčević, Petar; Batistić, Ivo; Velebit, Kristijan; Živković, Ivica; Barišić, Neven; Tutiš, Eduard; Smontara, Ana; Sidorenko, J.; Jaćimović, J.; Tsyrulin, N.; Piatek, J.; Berger, H.; Forró László.

Ana Smontara presented:

Intermetallic compounds: from crystal structure to physical properties (invited talk with poster)
Sorić, Marija; Popčević, Petar; Batistić, Ivo; Smontara, Ana.

At the C-MAC 2013 Meeting
December 9 – 12, 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Petar Popčević gave a talk

Thermoelectric properties of Ba8Au5.25Ge40.3□0.45 under hydrostatic pressure

and presented two posters:

Electronic transport in high quality d-AlCoNi quasiperiodic crystals
Petar Popčević, Jovica Ivkov, Peter Gille, and Ana Smontara

Quantum critical behavior in transport properties of i-AuAlYb
Petar Popčević, Kristijan Velebit, Jovica Ivkov, Shiro Kashimoto, Janez Dolinšek, and Ana Smontara

PhD student Sorić Marija presented a poster

Al-Mo thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
J. Ivkov, N. Radić, K. Salamon and M. Sorić

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6 December 2013 on TV

Our members participated in TV programme 'Treći element' with a contribution on quasicrystalls

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C-MAC meeting on complex intermetallic compounds with potential for thermoelectric applications
14 October 2013, Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Austria

Petar Popčević gave a talk

Thermoelectric properties of Ba8Au5.25Ge40.30.45 under hydrostatic pressure

At the 8th Scientific Meeting of the Croatian Physical Society
6 - 8 October 2013, Primošten, Croatia

Our PhD students:

Sorić, Marija presented a poster

Physical properties of the intermetallic compounds PdGa and PdIn

Velebit, Kristijan gave a talk

Optical response of the nano-textured and the Mott phase of 1T-TaS2

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At the advanced research workshop
New thermoelectric materials:

September 28 – October 2, 2013 Split, Croatia

Our members have presented:

Ante Bilušić, Petar Popčević, Ana Smontara

Thermoelectric Properties of Quasicrystals (talk)

Petar Popčević, Neven Barišić, Kornelius Krellner, Silke Buehler Paschen, Yuri Grin, Ana Smontara

Investigation of Ba8Au5.25Ge40.30.45 under hydrostatic pressure (poster)

At the ICQ 12
The 12th International Conference on Quasicrystals
AGH University, Krakow, Poland, September 1 - 6, 2013

Ana Smontara presented

Physical properties of bimetallic PdIn catalysts

4 June 2013

A new PhD student Marija Sorić (Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb) joined our group

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  Our members contribution to the Open Day - 2013 of the Institute.

C-MAC Days 2012
10-13 December, Kraków, Poland

Our members have presented:

Petar Popčević, Ante Bilušić, Janez Dolinšek and Ana Smontara

Thermal transort properties in complex metallic alloys
(invited lecture)

S. Jazbec, P. Koželj, S. Vrtnik, Z. Jagličić,
P. Popčević, J. Ivkov, D. Stanić,
A. Smontara, M, Feuerbacher and J. Dolinšek

Physical properties of δ-FeZn10 complex intermetallic
(regular presentation)

At the International Conference
2012 MRS Fall Meeting
November 25 - 30, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts

dr. Petar Popčević gave the talk titled

Thermal Transport Properties of Decagonal Quasicrystals and Their Approximants

the 70th Birthday of prof. dr. Emil Babić
November 23, 2012, Zagreb

dr. Jovica Ivkov gave the talk (in Croatian) titled

Električna svojstva nemagnetskih amorfnih slitina prijelaznih metala dobivenih brzim kaljenjem i magnetronskom kodepozicijom

Junior Travel Awards

Bc.S. Kristijan Velebit and Dr Petar Popčević were awarded ICAM/I2CAM Junior Travel Awards. The awards have be used to attended the International Conference IMPACT 2012.

At the International Conference
Electronic States and Phases Induced by Electric or Optical Impacts
September 10-14, 2012 Orsay, France

our novices (PhD student and post-doc) presented:

Kristijan Velebit
The nano-textured phase of 1T-TaS2 probed by optical conductivity (short invited talk)

Petar Popčević
Electronic scattering on frustrated magnetic system:from antiferromagnetism to the Kondo state in CO1/3NbS2 under pressure

International Conference
From Physics To Life Sciences -
From Solid State To BioPhysics
June 9 - 16, 2012, Cavtat, Croatia

Our members and colaborators presented:

P. Popčević, K. Velebit, D. Stanić, J. Ivkov, A. Bilušić, A. Smontara
Anisotropic transport properties of decagonal quasicrystals and their periodic approximants

Neven Barišić
Normal State of High-Tc Cuprates (invited talk)

“Methods” workshop of the UKF project 65/10
June 8, 2012, Institut of Physics, Zagreb

New experimental methods developed in the laboratory within the framework of the UKF project are presented in

Petar Popčević
Measurements of transport properties under high pressure

Kristjan Velebit
Measurements of transport properties under high pressure

Neven Barišić
Past, present and future of high pressure at IF

a quadruple JVC-14 / EVC-12 / AMDVG-11 / CroSloVM-19 Conference
June, 4-8, 2012, Dubrovnik

The members and colaborators of laboratory have presented:

Thermoelectric properties of quasicrystals (invited talk)
P. Popčević, K. Velebit, D. Stanić, J. Ivkov, Ž. Bihar, A. Bilušić, A. Smontara

Some correlations between electrical, mechanical and thermal transport properties of the Al-(Nb, Mo, Ta, W) thin films
T. Car, M. Jerčinović, N. Radić, J. Ivkov

Amorphous Al-V thin films and their thermal stability
N. Radić, P. Dubček, M. Ristić, Z. Siketić, J. Ivkov, Ž. Skoko, A. Tonejc

Relaxation-Crystalization Processes in Al-TE binary amorphous thin films (talk)
M. Jerčinović, T. Car, N. Radić, J. Ivkov


At the International
PLDC-PP Conference
March, 25-28, 2012, Zagreb

The members and colaborators of laboratory have presented:

Scattering Rates in Cuprates (talk)
N. Barišić

Superconductor within insulator: case of titanium nitride
A. Bilušić, D. Kalok, T. I. Baturina, V. M. Vinokur, C. Strunk

Transport properties of 1T-TaS2 single crystal
J. Ivkov, K. Velebit, P. Popčević, A. Smontara, A. Bilušić, H. Berger, L. Forró

Magnetic ordering of Co1/3NbS2 under pressure
P. Popčević, J. Jaćimović, I. Smiljanić, A. Bilušić, A. Smontara, H. Berger, J. Piatek2, N. Tsyrulin2, N. Barišić, L. Forró

Optical conductivity of the nano-textured phase in 1T-TaS2
K. Velebit, P. Popčević, E. Tutiš, A. Smontara, H. Berger, L. Forró, M. Eichler, D. Wu, N. Barišić, M. Dressel

Workshop of the UKF 1B # 65/10 project
New electronic states driven by
frustration in layered materials

Monday, January 16, 2012, Institute of Physics, Zagreb

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Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011

Daniel Shechtman

CMAC Days 2011 - The University of Liverpool
8-9th November 2011

Ana Smontara and Denis Stanić have presented:

Magnetic and transport properties of δ-Zn10Fe
D. Stanić, P. Popčević, J. Ivkov, A. Smontara, M. Bobnar, S. Vrtnik, M. Feuerbacher, Z. Jagličić, J. Dolinšek
Anisotropy of transport properties in the single d-Al-Co-Ni quasicrystals
M. Bobnar, P. Popčević, J. Ivkov D. Stanid, P. Gille, J. Dolinšek, A. Smontara

On the picture are Peter Gille, Ana Smontara, Brigite Bauer and Denis Stanić during the Gala dinner at Victoria Gallery and Museum

Kristijan Velebit concluded his DAAD funded 4-month visit (September-December, 2011) to the 1. Physikalisches Institut, Universität Stuttgart

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Bruker 113 spectrometer with the gold evaporation chamber.

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Polished copper cone used to mount the sample inside the gold evaporation chamber.

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About the Equipement
VTI placed into the magnet
and afterwards →

Two new Bc.S.

On 07.11.2011 our student Danijel Kolarić defended successfully his diploma work with the title

Kvazikristali kao potencijalni termoelektrični materijali

PDF (2 279 kB)
- in Croatian

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On 07.13.2011 our student Danijel Cmrk defended successfully his diploma work with the title

Hallov efekt monokristala kompleksnih metalnih slitina

PDF (2 511kB)
- in Croatian

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Kristijan Velebit concluded his UKF funded 2-month visit (May-June, 2011) to the 1. Physikalisches Institut, Universität Stuttgart

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K. Velebit next to the Bruker 66 spectroscope with a Hyperion microscope

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The first gold evaporation unit prepared by K. Velebit

Petar Popčević second time in Lausanne
May, 16.-27, 2011, EPFL, Lausanne

For the beginning P. Popčević drilled a few CuBe gaskets in Lausanne.

Book Series on Complex Metallic Alloys - Vol. 2


edited by Esther Belin-Ferré (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)

The book is the second in a series of books written by reputed experts in the fields of metal physics, surface physics, surface chemistry, metallurgy, and process engineering, and provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge in complex metallic alloys.

An important chapter of this book , “Thermal Conductivity of Complex Metallic Alloys “, was written by Ana Smontara, the head of the Laboratory for the physics of transport phenomena and her collaborators Ante Bilušić, Željko Bihar and Igor Smiljanić.

See CONTENTS of the book,


INFORMATIONS about the book on World Scientific pages

First book on CMAs at an introductory level

Covering fundamental research as well as real-world applications, this first book on CMAs at an introductory level treats everything from atomistic details to surface processing. Comprehensive, self-contained chapters provide readers with the latest knowledge on the most salient features of the topic, selected in terms of their relevance to potential technological applications. Edited by one of the most distinguished authorities on quasicrystals and this most important of their subclasses, the contributions elucidate aspects of CMAs from a particular viewpoint: physical and chemical characteristics in the sub-nanometer regime, mesoscale phenomena, preparation and processing of thin films, and large-scale engineering properties. The whole is rounded off by a look at the commercial potential of CMA-based applications. For PhD students and lecturers alike.

An important chapter of this book is ″Anisotropic transport properties of complex metallic alloys″, which include both the theory and experiment, was written by Janey Dolinšek and Ana Smontara who is the Project Leader of the Laboratory for the physics of transport phenomena.

See CONTENTS of the book or
INFORMATIONS about the book on WILLEY-VCH pages

A new doctor of science

On 10.29.2010 our PhD student Petar Popčević defended successfully his thesis with the title

Anisotropy of the transport properties of the
    approximants to decagonal quasicrystals

PDF (4 273 kB)
- in Croatian

The examination,

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and after.

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Dr Petar Popčević, and mentor Dr Ana Smontara pointing to the next candidate Bc.S. Kristijan Velebit.

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From the laboratory

The investigations of the anisotropic transport properties of a large single crystal of decagonal Al-Ni-Co single crystal are near the completion.

Article with the results will be prepared soon.

From the Internet - an answer to one old question

Up to now about 100 quasicrystalls have been produced in laboratories.

For a 25 years old question whether the quasicrystals can be formed and remain stable under qeologic conditions find the ansver from Prof. Paul J. Steinhardt

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Dr Matej Komelj from IJS Ljubljana conducted, on 10.05.2010, the one day workshop on using Wien2K and Boltztrap software for calculation of electronic properties of crystal-structures.

(On the picture Dr M. Komelj is standing right and left is Dr E. Tutiš)

Institute of Physics, Zagreb, 2013.